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“Twirling Through It” is where authors, bloggers, and podcasters Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez FINALLY get to have their say. Okay, not really. We have plenty of platforms to get our opinions out into the world, but we wanted to launch this newsletter to get away from blogging and social media in order to offer more thoughtful musings on pop culture, social movements, LGBTQ life and other topics that call for a little more nuance than a tweet or a post. We’re on a journey and we’d love nothing more than some fellow travelers to help us with the map and remind us to hydrate.

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Diving deep into a shallow pool of culture, social change, politics & LGBTQ life.


Authors of "Legendary Children" & "Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me," publishers of https://t.co/dg0z54AeTW, podcast: Pop Style Opinionfest